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My dear sugars! This is a FAST FRIDAY post asking for your support regarding the last tree climbing lions. Check out my story on insta @zoeandthepeanutbutter or go check out @alexbraczkowski’s work and you will soon understand what it is we are dealing with, or what we have done, either way, if you need more details then go search for the news regarding the issue on google and please, please share At least, if you don’t donate. (Even 5$ can help make a difference) Now, go on GOFUNDME.com and from there on you do yourself 💕

Hello wednesday wisdom ❤️

🍀☘️ not in the mood for work/ college/ school or anything else than sleep today? Or well, some days, especially after a good holiday? well, i know that ‘i just wanna lie in bed, f* this’ kind of feeling, But the best thing to do in moments like this is to get out of bed and do something! Before you Even realize, you will be back home in your comfy bed, feeling satisfied because you got over that lazy mood. 🥀🌹

Third day of easter thoughts ❤️

Hello sugars I hope your easter was as good as you hope it would be and i hope that this spring will bring you bliss and the will you need to get things done. Me? Oh! Right now i am still undressed as i went outside for a bit to buy some things, taking sips from my hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and Cinnamon and sitting NexT to my parrot who is endlessly trying to make it impossible for me to Even her my thoughts with His noises. I don’t know if it’s the birds outside – because…

Happy easter, sugars! ❤️

May 2018’s easter bring you all the happiness you deserve, all the luck that you need and most important, lots and lots of inner peace! May you and your dear ones get along well and share blissful moments together! And may you eat all kinds of good foods and get the gifts you wished for, alongside the warmth and good feelings that shall fulfil your heart and soul. ❤️ Hugs and kisses, Zoe xD @zoeandthepeanutbutter