Lovely monday walk ❤️

Hey sugars! So yes, it’s a beautiful summer day indeed. The sun is shining, there is heat everywhere – plenty of it, yet, my exam is coming and i don’t know what or how to study faster. Don’t forget and always always keep in mind! No matter how busy you are, hydrate, take Deep breaths, laugh, take long walks – or At least Short ones But make sure you do, watch a good movie/ series, drink Tea and Eat well – no junks allowed. Take care and have a nice (and super mega productive) week!

Tuesday Short treat of thoughts ❤️

Hello there, sugars! I finally finished with my Pre exam session practic exams. Today was the last one before the NexT tough ones that are going to come, But At least i finished with these, hopefully. (Pray for me pls) Now, the thing i wanted to talk to you about. Well, i think we all have that – let’s call it tradition – thing, when after a hard task we had or after an exam, we need a full break, like we need to relax a bit … for well, the whole day, i mean the rest of the day.…

Saturday sweet vibes ♥

Hello there, sugars! I don”t really know how i manage to sometimes post too much and other times not at all, either, but hey! This is how i usually do stuff, no in between, no nothing, although i am always insisting on the fact that moderation is best, i, myself, couldn”t actually be proven as…

Sunday slack ❤️

Hello sugars. For some reason, don’t know if it’s the fact that i might be tired, or just caught a cold, or so, But this sunday i woke up lazier than never. I stood in bed Even after 12 pm, barely ate something. Now i have made myself a cup of coffee with chocolate Flavour, Cinnamon, whipped cream, a Little Vanilla soy milk and right now i was trying a new lipgloss i bought a while ago, then i will have to start solving today’s tasks, although i still feel Incredibly lazy … So i thought i would make a…

Second theme of the week❤️

Okay, So, before going to my second nap on this fine and warm monday i will make another random post this time. After publishing my first post for this monday and also this week, i looked – as i usually do – to see the countries that Viewed it already. Don’t know why, But my eyes stumbled upon Nicaragua, for some reason. One Little sugar viewer from there which i thank very much! So, i thought, why not surf the net in order to Find some news about this lovely place that appeared on my views list and also Find…

Question of the day ❤️

Okay, So, as i was surfing the net, more exactly checking out my insta, i stumbled upon somebody’s elevator selfie alongside a BIO that sounded something like this … How comes we wouldn’t take a selfie with people in the elevator with us or before the spor Close, because we feel *exposed*, yet we would take it instead, with the Doors closed and afterwards post it on social media and let everybody see it? Well, this is my theme question for you guys, for this week, alongside my good wishes for a productive week. Take care, Zoe xD

❗️❕ check this out, donate, share ❤️

My dear sugars! This is a FAST FRIDAY post asking for your support regarding the last tree climbing lions. Check out my story on insta @zoeandthepeanutbutter or go check out @alexbraczkowski’s work and you will soon understand what it is we are dealing with, or what we have done, either way, if you need more details then go search for the news regarding the issue on google and please, please share At least, if you don’t donate. (Even 5$ can help make a difference) Now, go on and from there on you do yourself 💕