Baking raspberry muffins ♥

2013-06-25 12.22.04 2013-06-25 14.17.45

Ingredients for some yummy muffins ♥ Pay attention, prepare, eat. ❤

  1. 250g flour

  2. 150g butter

  3. 150g sugar

  4. two cups of raspberries

  5. 1/2 spoon of salt

  6. baking powder

  7. 3 eggs

  8. a cup of milk

Steps. ❤

  • Mix the butter, the sugar, the salt and the eggs. (-:

  • Add baking soda, be careful, everything must be mixed up properly by now. After mixing all these, add the flour, slowly, we don’t want dumpling. ^_^

  • After making it like a cream, add milk. Everything is ready to be cooked now…

  • Arrange the papers in the tray. Put in each one 3 spoons of dough, then 3-4 [small] raspberries. Add another spoon of dough and some raspberries again.

  • Repeat this for each muffin, [only if you don’t have another idea of decorating it, of course] and after finishing, put the tray in the oven. Leave them in there for like… 20 mins. But of course, keep an eye on that tricky fire, it must be a small flame, we don’t want the muffins to get burned! ❤

Remember to get creative, enjoy what you are doing, be pacient…, prepare, wait, eat and smile. ♥


2013-06-25 13.19.07

2013-06-25 14.18.20


  1. Just hope it taste as good as it’s smelling now. well I can’t seem to leave my laptop so i keep moving form the oven to the laptop… I know am doing a terrible job cos of lack of concentration.


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