Be grateful, be happy ♥

heartBe grateful and happy 


What comes to my mind right now when I try to feel comfortable with who I am? When I try to feel happy? To smile? To get more relaxed? To do anything? Well, let’s see what I find right now in my room, mind and soul, and I’ll share with you, so maybe I’ll inspire you and make you feel happy, comfortable with yourself and grateful for any cutie pie stuff. :3


2013-11-09 18.08.25

I didn’t know I love elephants so muh, until I started to collect them. 🙂 


aaaaand for my sweet puppy pillow from my mom. 🙂 Thanks mom! For the great fluffy gift. :3 [check it on instagram]



I may not always be happy… grateful, understanding… hard-working, good… smiley, helpful… But I’ll always be hoping… dreaming… waiting. And this motto, will always remind me that gratefulness, forgiveness, goodness and love should always exist… like air, water, nature… like us. ♥

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