Winter posh… ♥

Yes, be classy
Try be ballsy
Don’t be cheesy
Not so dizzy
Be the lass you’d like to see
From now on to infinity.


Say it’s okay
They don’t care anyway
Don’t try to change
What you just can’t…
That’s what people use to pledge
Just to forget about that change.


Everything is fine to be
You just gotta bring it free
Don’t be mad and don’t be sad
Don’t say no, cuz they don’t know
Anything but what they show
Happiness, money and fame
Things some bitches got no flow.


I was looking for a prince
Just to climb a horse and come for my endorse
I was looking for my wish to come true
If you got the key, release it and let’s go
I got dreams like a fairy girl
A fantasy is nothing like my own fairytale
If you handle the book
Then we ca go on that
Cuz it’s just one hour from 24
That is for living
The rest is to dream
If you don’t get it, then start it again.


It seems to be just another month
Gifts, food and all that was
Party time is on its way
People changing, trees go shining
Everything seems to be right,
Don’t go left, just be on time
Santa’s down the chimney now
Presents falling, happily thrown
Happiness is all around
Or just a fake smile, unwritten law.



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