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gifts, traditions, poetry ♥

Saint Nicholas Day’s tradition, on 6 December (19 December in most Orthodox countries), is a festival in many countries in Europe related  particularly to his reputation as a gift bringer. The American Santa Claus, as well as the British Father Christmas, derive from these legends. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate the name of some people, even their birth if they’re born then, and the most beautiful part… to give and receive presents. Also, beyond its religious signification, it also signifies Finland’s independence day [from Russia, since 1917]. Dad’s celebrating his name tomorrow and, one of my friends is celebrating both her name and birth. Happy Birthday to everyone! I hope you will have an amazing day! Tomorrow, as a beginning of this month beautiful holidays, I’ll make my beautiful Christmas tree. I know some people are making it right on its eve, or have it already done from November, but me… well, whether on 24, whether on 6. Some things never change. Have a beautiful December, my sweet sugars!


Once a year in one month

Presents fall right upon us

Movies, Groovies and all stuff

Traditionally wrapped upon our house

We make a tree, try cook a meal

Visit people and give gifts

Say it’s Santa, say it’s not

You just give and take a lot

We’re all happy, as you see

That’s the end of all this deal.

Imagini pentru we heart it christmas

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