Don’t wait to live ♥

Tumblr Quotes

As we’re waiting for one more night to come,
Just another sun ray lights our path
As we never get to see the truth
Beyond our selfish cruel lies.
The truth we trust is the one we see,
Not the one we should just feel
Our conscience is not sober yet
It’s asleep because of a will of our own.
There’s no wisdom anymore, 
There’s just loathing for it all
We’re so scared of being lonely
So we take a risk for each and only.
We forget the ones we were
As we change, the past goes on
There’s the mist to fade it all
That no brutal clarity could bring it back on.
2013-12-01 11.02.10
You take a walk, take a deep breath
But if you think that somebody will turn for you, don’t hold your breath
It’s not all for one anymore, it’s just one for them
And as you go great, they make you gorge their last grudge.
 You keep on wishing upon stars,
For every dream you used to have
But as you grow, they just go back
With every step you take, it’s not forth, it’s back.
You try to trace on what you had
You want it to stay, but you just pray
You do nothing, but crave fear
As your world starts to reveal.
And when you get carried away
Sometimes it’s good – sometimes it’s great,
You get that nitty-gritty
You wish it would never go away.
2013-12-01 11.09.42
The veil you carry on,
It’s heavier than the ancestral sin
But you don’t know and never will
You keep on searching, searching what?
The reason that we’ll never find,
Answers bounded from behind
Everything it’s made so tight
There’s no hollow and no guide.
Like the limit between life and death,
Some things are seen; some are unseen
Where I’m at there’s an inner dream,
But where you stay it’s just a grim.
We wait a lifetime for that one moment
We let everything pass by just for some fantasies that go by
The loss of dreaming causes pain,
As time goes by, we just wait to die.
2013-12-01 11.02.22
You love it when your high,
Because of the still time, immortalized in the blink of an eye
You feel immortal as you pass another portal
Following that cunning ordeal.
Memories tend to fade to black
As the presents keeps on pass
As the time gets longer now,
We don’t know if it’s real or flawed.
As a rough guide, everything seems out of time
We scatter with one hand, gather with two
That’s what we’ve learned from our whole life
Been forced to venture at the hazard of our life.
Don’t give up, just take a gulp
Work hard in silence, 
Succes may be your noise
And it will destroy every scattering voice.

2013-12-01 10.58.27



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