Sunday evening, daydream living ♥

life | TumblrLet’s just drink tea or coffee, draw, watch tv, read books and magazines and lie in bed forever. Smile, relax, block negatvie thoughts, get positive thoughts, clean your home, get rid of clothes you don”t wear anymore and perhaps you could give those to people that would really need them, think of something cute to cook, something cute to buy and something cute to do. There’s plenty of time for it all… Even stressed and depressed, be sure to be well dressed! :3


2013-12-08 12.16.21

Sweather weather. Warm drinks. Cosy moments. Soft cuffs. Gifts. Carols. Cutie mugs. First snowflakes. Beautiful colours. Amazing soft boots. Winter parties. Family moments. Clique jokes.

2013-12-07 13.24.03 2013-12-07 13.25.16

Here’s one gulp to sweeten you,

Release worries – believe in you

Take the joy and send some, too

Be much better, that is you.

2013-12-07 13.58.05 2013-12-07 13.58.45
Winter snowflakes, fragile and kind – softly mealting in our times

If they feel the pressure, they will surely die in a short time

We can feel they’re flawless, though… We’re getting crueler now

That is how we use to let them go… angel by angel, day and night.

I can feel it all around me – like someone pulling a trigger

Everything gets destroyed, but still nobody’s moving.

There’s no real death, just the one of souls and minds

The blood is coming out, but it seems invisible,

There’s nothing on that tissue, just tiny broken hearts.

Cold wind comes, like a rushing herd with heavy hating hooves

If finding our answers would last more than the life

Then let’s get it over now, while we’re still treasures at the end.

Need a day between saturday and sunday!!


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