Can’t say? Then do ♥

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Sometimes, there are so many things that come to our mind in the blink of an eye and suddenly, our world gets flooded by both miserable and magnificent thoughts. We just can’ t stop. We keep on thinking and over thinking and we just can’t stop, because of the fear of letting go. And how we’d love to sit and chat… about some things we’ve never said? But this world just keeps revolving from left to right and the same chapter. We never evolve, we just revolve, keep repeating the same thought.
We wish we said what was on our mind, but time never stops for anyone, and neither do our lives. We pretend to let it go, but all we do is moving on, with some regrets that just hold on. We forget the little things, on our way to the big ones, as we keep our life hidden until the ”big thing” we think we’ve been made for, but when it all turns out crazy, we turn out dizzy, and we’re no more safe and sound.One Republic <3
When we remember the little things, we think that is too late, and we keep on delaying, letting melancholy hit us to death. So, instead of stopping your world’s words, get creative. Here is my ”to do” list for you, sugars, for not having a cliché holiday, but for a wonderful one. Let’s get on working sugars :3 SUGARS, I PRESENT YOU MY ”33 THINGS TO DO” LIST THIS HOLIDAYS!
  1. make a snow angel
  2. make a snowman
  3. cook – I think holidays are a great way to improve your cooking style
  4. paint your nails – cute designs, please!
  5. go ice skating
  6. christmas/ new year’s eve parties
  7. buy sweaters ❤ – i’ve started loving those too!
  8. have a snowball fight
  9. spend more time with family – i love doing that on holidays
  10. go sledding
  11. decorate your room/ house – i’m obsessed with doing that [i still have my Halloween decorations]
  12. take care of animals
  13. go skiing or take some lessons
  14. drink lots of hot chocolate, tea, coffee [mood saviours, sugars]
  15. play funny games [zoe says 😀 <33 (simon, i kno’, i kno’)]
  16. give and get presents
  17. send anonymous christmas cards to your neighbours or random
  18. make a beautiful christmas tree and post a pic on instagram, pinterest, twitter etc.
  19. give to mendicants, be good, be better
  20. read books, relax
  21. take as many photographs as you can to immortalize the moment
  22. go to a winter festival
  23. tak a sleigh ride
  24. ride a snowmobile
  25. too cold? go to the spa
  26. go fishing!
  27. go to a concert
  28. go tubing
  29. make handmade bracelets with christmas designs
  30. make gingerbread and decorate cute yummy cookies
  31. watch lots of movies [Christmas romantic comedies]
  32. prepare some amazing meals for the new year’s eve/ christmas dinner
  33. write a story/ haiku/ poem about your winter ♥

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