Is it Christmas yet? ♥

Perfect ♥

ho ho ho! That’s what my screen locker says to me and that is what i’ll be saying to you right away. So, this post will be the one that will give you ideas for nails, food, gifts, decorations and party games. Got any questions? Ask and I will be glad to answer them. But first of all, make a bucket list!

Printable -- Christmas Bucket List

Girls, girls, girls. Nails.

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You will need some beverages, a plate with some snacks, entrée and afters, and of course, the long waited dessert. I bet right now you’re thinking: “shit! I need to do this just for a stupid dinner?! Too much!” Well, NO! I can’t really understand why every time there is a special occasion, people think they have to work harder in order for the dish to taste better. It’s not so. Right now I’m going to show you some tricky pics, for you to understand that you can do it comfortable, tasty and so good looking. 🙂 Well, I hope you will enjoy these, and as I know you all are some smart sugars, I bet you’ll get your own ideas, after seeing this as some inspirational little studs.


Mom used to make these with me :) I'll bring them back for Xmas this year. Mom would be proud

catspageGenius!! Stick the spaghetti thru the Hot dog chunks! A potato done the right way....mmmmmm  #potato #baked www,

Don’t these look great? I swear that if i was crazier than i already am, i would have definitely eaten my computer’s screen… perhaps somebody has just done that. oops :-s Now, i bet you all can handle some meat, some potatoes, some noodles, some fries, some muffins, some sausages, some fish, some antree stuff and some pancakes and fruits. The internet, though, is full of great recipes and i am sure that if you have some talent – let’s say, and some courage, you will mix up everything just the way you like and create something a la you. Let’s get working sugars!

Gifts. Give and take.

Clothes, sweets, decorative things, accesories, funny stuff, or just a big big champagne bottle? :>


Games ideas for a stud party.

Mime. Truth or dare.

Word find. Two truths and a lie.

Snowball fight. Photo dump.

The wrap race. Make two teams, each team has to make somebody look like a snowman or a tree, until one wins.

Sled pulling competition. Gift unwrapping contest.

Hide something, and make a contest for the treasure hunt.

Ice sculptures. Snow angels.

Xmas present game – everyone has to buy a gift and put a number on it, then everyone gets a ticket, and see what gift they’ll receive. You can change your gift with somebody else’s just once.

Santa’s sock. Somebody has to put an object into the stock and the others have to guess what it is, without looking, just touching.

Pass the orange. everybody standing in one line, boy girl boy girl etc. and you have to keep the orange under your chin and pass it to the other.


Well, i hope you liked my ideas. Comment, like, share and follow me in Zoeland for more ideas soon.

XoX, Zoe


  1. me too! i will do that spaghetti dish for the New Year party. 🙂 for the xmas i got plenty of food, especially stuffed cabbage rolls, i got a really big pot. haha. i hope your holidays will be great, remember to hope dream wait sugar! xoxo <33


  2. Evening Zoe! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂
    That food is so yummy!! I love the idea of the spaghetti with the sausage? I’m going to try that after Xmas. Ohhh and those potatoes look amazing, I could almost taste them!! Hahaha Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs Paula xx


  3. okaay, i’m really flattered! Thank you very much, you’re really nice 🙂 Also, i am so happy that you liked my blog. I really wish that people would be inspired by what I put in here, cuz i am really trying to do my best, so I hope I’m doing the right thing. Thank you very much again! ❤


  4. You are so cute! You already said 1000 words that make the picture of YOU. I would sit closer but my wife would bite you. Hee hee.

    -Syntaxsinner, the Middle School boy genius in his thorties… flirties…. awwww… you know.

    Actually I love-and-totes-like your style and clean format. Very organised. My blog is like a crud South Park to your Bloom County.


  5. thank you very much!! I’m always glad to be helpful and yeah, i guess the sweet little hamster is totally the star in here. ❤


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