Dasvidaniya Sochi ♥

4 years passed, dasvidaniya Sochi. years will pass again, annyeong Pyeongchang. 

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I have waited almost 2 months for these amazing olympic games to start, and as I cried at its beginning, twice more I did at its ending. The figure skating gala was so amazing that I kept holding my tissues next to me. This feeling reminds me of that when I watch a korean drama, it gives me such a strange feeling, that even if I know everything is imaginary, I keep crying. So, as I know this was so real, my heart suffered another heartbreak. 😦 First of all, Patrick Chan and Kim Yuna should have definitely won gold. Yuzuru Hanyu was indeed pretty good, but not as amazing as Patrick. And Adelina Sotnikova, well… at the gala she was like T_T. Kim Yuna skated as if she was a snowflake, she made everything seem so easy… pure and natural. Also, congrats to Carolina and Denis. I have to admit that I absolutely admire each one’s courage, power, strength, passion and perseverance. Sometimes I wish I was one of them… I guess most of us wish/ wished that, didn’t we? :3

Anything is possible, if you’ve got enough nerve. 

- JK Rolling -

To me, Canada seemed the best. Funny how, at hockey, both men and women from Canada won gold. As yesterday was the finale, congrats to Sweden, Finland and USA, too! Actually, as I said before, congrats to every country, I am sure they all did their best, or at least tried to. I have so many thoughts in my mind right now when it comes to these amazing olympic games, that I can’t even manage to group them and put them on here. All I have missed from these games was curling, but all the rest I have seen. Also, I am so excited that this weekend is one of my favourite winter sports competition: ski jump, women category. And from 24 to 30 March, will be the figure skating world championship, OMG, this one and ski jumping are definitely my favourite winter games. I will be waiting for this championship day and night, and as I am writing about this… I need to say that I really hope Kim Yuna joked about retiring. NO! NO! NO! She and Patrick will definitely make an amazing show every time they will step onto the ice. I don’t exactly know where I saw what I am going to say right now, but anyway… They should be like a pair and skate together at the team category event. I wasn’t a sport lover… I liked it, but it wouldn’t keep me at the edge of my seat. Well, I remember how this eventually happened to excite me finally! I was so sick of all those idiot and totally grose tv shows, that I started watching more sport shows than other kinds. And so, Kim Yuna and Patrick Chan became my idols – i never actually thought I would actually have idols someday, I always said that ‘idol’ is a weird word to use. They’re the reasong why I love skating and why I love sports. Of course, there are many others I love, too, but when it comes to them, I think you can agree that they do their job faultless. The balance, the passion, the work… all the sacrifices… and the retiring at a young fragile age 😦 – all my respects, also, to Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Everyone thought Tessa and Scott would win, as in the russian case with Lipnitskaya, but surprise! The ones you don’t think about, those give you the pleasant feeling you had been waiting for!

Experience is a funny thing. You don’t always have it when you need it.

- Patrick Chan -

I don’t want to write a novel, as I usually tend to, so I am just going to sum up by listing my favourite moments! ^_^

  • The amazing opening and ending
  • Kim Yuna skating
  • Patrick’s reaction when he saw his results and his speech at the end
  • The man hockey tight finale
  • Figure skating gala [by far the most wonderful moment]
  • Seeing the snowboard winners acting so friendly
  • How some sportsmen set records and won their olympic medals before retiring [please don’t, tho’]
  • The Dufour Lapointe sisters [freestyle skiing]
  • The moment at the ending ceremony, when both Norway and Russia, entirely occupied the platform
  • How the sweet bear mascot put out the olympic flame, sheding a tear




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