Happy birthday mom ♥

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Happy Birthday at me 🎂

This Saturday was my mom’s birthday! So, may I hear a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY y’all? I hope she had fun, I hope you all have fun, when’s your birthday. ♥ As you may know,I always have rules, so this time didn’t get away either. There are just 2, so I guess it’s fine, at least to me. [okay, okay too many worries somehow 😀 ]

  1. Giving at least 2 things, one’s just so fucking less, seriously. Only if you give something like a palace or a treasure, LOL ❤
  2. Gift with your heart. Even if it’s just an acquaintance, try thinking so many times, that you will eventually find something that you will be sure she/ he will like! “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.”

When it comes to family or close friends, to me it’s easy. I hope they enjoy their gifts as much as they tell me they do, tho’! 😀 For my mom, I usually buy bracelets or rings; so this time I wanted something different. I bought her a face mask, a box for jewelry and a little glass thing – may I so – where there some beautiful mother – child quotes. This will definitely sound weird, but I would love it if someday I could gift something meaningful to everyone. But for now, let me give love to the closest persons to me. ❤

“Big things often have small beginnings.”


Giving and receiving gifts… magical moments. So don’t spoil them. Give with your heart, receive with your smile. 

“Don’t do to the others what you don’t want to be done to you.”

be Happy | via Tumblr

Love is all around us. Bad stuff too. Open the right door and…

free birthday cards

Once more… ♥ Happy birthday mom! ♥ Happy birthday sugars! ♥ Happy birthday to all of your friends, family, animals, neighbours and so on. ♥


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