Raisins and chocolate chips ♥


Annyeong- haseyo sugars.! Long time no blogginaround, right? Well, now i have a new muffin recipe for you, all easy and sassy! Just some chocolate chips and some raisins in a soft dough will sweeten the rest of this month! So, lets get on with the ingredients, steps and the most important: enjoying and eating! Yummy ❤
Ingredients. ^Δ^
200g butter (leave it out for 1h)
200g sugar
2 whole eggs + one extra yolk
Just a little salt powder
Half lil’ bag of vanilla sugar
Half lil’ bag of baking soda
3-4 big spoons of flour
Chocolate chips and a few raisins


after the butter is softer, mix it with the sugar, very well until it looks like a cream. Now, heres my mom advice: if the dough has crumples because the butter, then add a spoon with hot water, that should help, thank you mom! Damn, i always say she should be a chef, not only me actually! Haha xD <33 Now, start adding the eggs, the sald powder and at the end, add the flour tpgether with the baking soda and mix carefully, but very well, again, we dont want crumples! Now, you can either add the chocolate chips and raisins now, or when you add the mix in their papers! Okay, so now, i guess that if the mix is alright, its time to add it in the papers.
Okay, now leav th
em into the oven (dim fire) for about 25 minutes! Ps: this mix will get you around 18 cupcakes! Okay, so, bon appetit! Stick to the steps, be careful, enjoy, share with friends my zoeland and wait for new recipes!


Xoxo, ZoE


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