May blog challenge ♥


  1. 2013-12-20 15.31.02
  2. page NaNa & CoCo [a few of them ♥]
  3. my boots ♥ my beanies ♥ my floral jeans and my skulled scarf ♥
  4. Stephen King & Taichi Yamada
  5. Spring breakers & Now you see me
  6. Lie to me & Flower boy next door
  7. green [& rooibos]
  8. korean, indian, thai
  9.  Joker & the Penguin, Mojo Jojo & HIM [these came to my mind]
  10. Batman, Teen Titans, Kick ass [again these came to my mind]
  11. The lil mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White
  12. 2014-03-23 09.52.57
  13. checking at night to see if the door’s locked [pease tell me i am not the only one] 😀 and then when i live the house
  14. spaghetti!
  15. Autumn ♥Halloween♥ Winter Christmas. Spring everything is alive again. Summer means freedom.
  16. don’t trust anybody, at least, not that much.
  17. skiing, surfing..
  18. hanumanasana, the tree pose, lotus, lord of the dance [plow pose]
  19. figure skating – Kim Yuna and Patrick Chan. snowboarding – Mark McMorris and Staale Sandbech. ski jumps – Noriaki Kasai and Sara Takanashi.
  20. eating fruits everyday, night walk, drinking a lot of water
  21. each day i see that, i just wish that day i’d be happy 🙂
  22. i don’t care about appearance, honestly. The good in you will be shown to those who have their eyes open wide enough to see.
  23. rhrh
  24. background – arctic monkeys album cover. screen lock – mark mcmorris =^ô^=
  25. kpop – Big Bang. metal – Nightwish. punk – Panic! at the disco.
  26. played.. ballet, dancing, zumba, looking forward to something new! 🙂
  27. why do i seem so awkward and wrong… 😥 idk if anybody feels the same… 😀
  28. righty!
  29. Secret fantasy, Outspoken by Fergie, Pretty Fabulous
  30. 2014-03-11 18.34.50 in love with the moon, forever and ever. ♥ “I would fly to the moon and back if you’ll be my baby.”
  31. Annyeong. Au revoir. Sayonara. Adiós.

Sugars, feel free to answer this, enjoy, and share it on your page if you want. Here’s one thing to do when you are bored or when you want to post something fun! xoxo, 

hope dream wait, forever


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