Lovely 3 days ♥

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Long time no see! I hope you have enjoyed your time, if not, understand one thing: you don’t have to waste your life searching for those wasted years. This is something inspired from a song I have recently listened to. I love finding music with inspirational themes. So, try finding songs to suit you, because music is really helpful when crisis come! Talking about music.. I wonder if all the bands/ singers – who sing about all the bad things in this world and about the changes we could make –  really do believe in what they say.. I really hope they do, because other ways.. there would be no point in all that. Well, now let’s get back to what i really wanted to say in this post, shall we? 🙂
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First things first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY HEPBURN… if you’d be here… you’d be 85 years old full of loveliness, wiseness and aristocracy. Ambassador of UNICEF [her fund still continues even today]. One of the most beautiful women. Skinny, tall, lovely eye brows, complexed of her 44 shoe size, but an amazing fashion icon anyway! It’s crazy how people, while years pass by, tend to transform themselves in monsters, even though, technology and many other things change in better… why couldn’t some things stay the way they were? Because the way people behaved in the past was just perfect. There is no need for air and graces, malice, rage etc. Let’s just be natural, be us, or like Audrey said… 
“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others, for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness and for poise, walk with knowledge and then you will never be alone. “

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So, in order to celebrate her birthday, today I have watched the amazing movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and I have to admit that this was an amazing old movie, actually, it has been more modern than I have expected! With the exception of those heel shoes they all used to wear [so sweet] and their lovely behavior! Now, this is definitely one of my all time favourite movies! It really brightened my weekend, it was a really nice weekend actually, as this movie left a warm impression on me, for no reason. 🙂 Well, dear Audrey, good job! You were an atypical woman in those ages, and that ‘atypical’ look and your way of being made you so special and so easy to be remembered, even after these many years! Happy Birthday!  


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Now, going back one day. Saturday. It was a day to remember my dead grandparents. I hope they’re in heaven.. But there is no real need for hope, as I know they are.. My grandma died on Easter and my grandpa near that saint day. And you know, I suppose, how it’s said.. that when you die around Easter, your soul gets directly to Heaven, if that even exists. If it does, even though I believe in renaissance too, I hope they’re looking after us… the one remained to fight with the destiny! Like other lyrics from one of my other favourite band’s song have inspired me to wonder even more.. Why do we have to learn and do some things, as we anyway die or forget? Why can’t we just… idk.. be us like we would want to be? And that, in my mind, would mean good not bad, lovely and grateful. 🙂 I still think we could change. I still think we should have scruples! Getting back to the topic… do you believe in heaven? or could it be just a thing we have invented in order to stop us for feeling terribly sad when somebody we love dies? – even though we still feel sad, and if you would ask me, even people say time solves it all, it only makes my pain increase. But, that is just another fact… of life. So, again, my dear grandparents that made me feel so safe and sound while i was just a giddy kid, i hope you are okay wherever you are, watching us from heaver, or from earth, under a mysterious disguise. Thank you for having existed, I will always have you with me.


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And now, the last one from my ‘lovely 3 days’ pack, is, of course, in order, friday! [TGIF all over again] 2nd May. I’ve been waiting for 2nd May for over a month I think, because that was the date when the new album of [one of] my favourite band[s], EPICA, would be released: The Quantum Enigma! As I woke up, my first thought was OMG, it’s time to listen TQE! Funny thing, i’ve been telling to one of my chummies all the month how i am greatly excited for the album’s release and in the morning, I got a text from her: “2nd May babe :>” And i was like aww you remembered lovely! This band is like so amazingly awesome! Like i said upper, I hope they are ones of those who sing something they truly believe in! I hope someday I will get to see them live, until then, I’ll just check on their news, videos and instagram. ^u^ By the way, you should try listening to them too, they are dope. Here are my fav songs from TQE: Chemical Insomnia, Victims of Contigency, The essence of silence and Unchain Utopia.
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Well, there they go, my happy lovely 3 days! How were yours? 🙂 Don’t forget to check me out on instagram, follow my blog, smile, and follow your dreams. Be you, be original, be good. ^u^


  1. Oh hey, lovely to find another audrey fan in here! I’m sure she’d be stunning, that was just her way of being, haha! ^u^


  2. Ms. Hepburn was a singular beauty! Thanks for remembering her birthday. I bet even at 85 she’d still be stunning. — YUR


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