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Hey there sugars! What do you thing about eating healthy, gym, meditation and yoga? I believe that everyone should take these into consideration for a happy full life.! I’ve got at least 30 mins per day for yoga or various workouts, or just walking through the city. As for the fruits, one of my favourite is kiwi, as you probably figured out, strawberries too, especially if they’re covered in nutella. So, now I am going to show you some awesome advantages about eating kiwi, besides the fact that this is one of the fruits that can be easily found in stores in any season, except from others. You wouldn’t believe how good it is, beyond the lovely taste it confers.9

1. Helps Your Digestions with Enzymes

2. Helps Manage Blood Pressure

3. Protects from DNA Damage

4. Boosts Your Immunity

5. Improves Digestive Health

6. Helps Clean Out Toxins

7. Helps Fight Heart Disease

8. Suitable For Diabetics

9. Protects Against Macular Degeneration and Other Eye Problems

10. Great for the Skin

11. Exotic Taste and Look for Food Variety

12. Naturally Organic

8 7


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