An unexpected doggy meeting ♥

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Hey there sugars! This will be a read-and-cry type of post, unless i refrain. 🙂 A few days ago, while i was walking, after a rainy moment [my favourites!], I saw a snail on the street, and as people often walk and crush them, I moved it back on the wet mud, anyway they like wet places, and as the street was about to get pretty clean and full of itchy foot steps, it was the right place for it to be, on its solitary ground. So, passing by, after a few minutes I run across such a nice dog that I called after all Lacey [from shoe lace -> wait and you’ll get it].  She was really cute and fun and full of life, though, she was just another tramp dog, she was quite special! She kept on untying my shoe laces and then lie down and moving its tail and play around, then on my way back, she followed, come on how cute is that?! It’s not the first time i get over attached to an animal, but i should really stop this, as i have no place to keep them unfortunately. 😦

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So now, as I am writing this post, I just sit and wonder, if i have hurt or annoyed any animal ever? of course i did, i guess we all do, but sometimes, i just get these melancholic moments, when i just seem so insane, because instead of chosing to smile, relax, or do any other thing, I choose to over think any small thing and while I am approaching the end, I always find something bad because my negative pensive way of being. Somehow it’s okay because great expectations are always shadowed by this, but in the same time it can be bad, and I hope that if you get through the same thing you’ll get this as an advice and understand that fearing isn’t always good, that giving up shouldn’t be a choice and that happiness can be found easily, if we find our way. It’s about where we belong. So pray, be a better version of yourself, hope, dream, wait, and then, you will be able to believe in yourself. ♥

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