Just another fruity tart ♥


Hey there sugars! I hope you are all fine and ready for a new tart! This time, this is going to be a three fruit type one 🙂 So, hoping you are a fun of cherries, raspberries and apricots [ check out this post ] let’s start  cooking. 😀 Remember to stir carefully, pay attention to the quantity, make sure the oven’s flame is low and enjoy! That is the most important thing on the list 😉

○ ingredients ○

  1. 4-5 eggs [the tray’s dimensions are the same as in the earlier post] 
  2. a pinch of salt, 8 spoons of sugar [usually, add 2 sugar spoons for each egg]  
  3. 4 oil spoons   
  4. 4-5 flours spoons [we won’t use baking powder at this recipe, its content is enough:-)] 
  5. the fruits [eventually sliced, when talking about apricots or apples etc.]


○ preparing the dish ○


First of all, separate the albumens from the yolks. As in the earlier recipe. Put the pinch of salt on the yolks, and mix the albumen really good, before starting to add sugar. After they coagulate, start adding one spoon at a time. After you finish adding the sugar, add one yolk at a time, after you finish with those, too. 🙂 Now, it’s time to add the oil, there isn’t really a need for spoon, as I think you can control it by the eye. After using the mixer, take the spatula for blending. It’s time to add the flour! After finishing all these instructions, it’s time for placing the content into the tray. Put a paper [prevent from sticking] and spread the ‘cream’ into the tray. Arrange the fruits in rows and put in the oven [low flame] for 30-40 minutes. I hope you will like it as much as I did! 🙂 Bonne appetite! 


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