Belgium. Belgique. België. Belgien. ♥

L’union fait la force

- motto -

Road trips 😎

I’ve waited for this since… a long way now. I’ve always wanted to leave this shitty town and travel somewhere where hopefully, people are so much fun and places so much cooler! Well, now, it’s finally here, the long waited city break, the well deserved – I’d say – amazing trip – hopefully – … the next Wednesday I’ll be leaving for Belgium, with my mom and my aunt. Honestly, I didn’t even believe it a few weeks ago when I found out about it, because my family is an odd mixture of unpredictability – filled with a bit of a guilty man’s innocence desire – and sudden amiability after a big quarrel. Well, every family has its ups and downs – its glitches – , remember? Mine has plenty of those, so – if yours is quite bored, just come at the queue, I’m sure I’ll fix your boredom, right down in the mouth, all browned off! haha xD So, now I guess it’s pretty much official as me and my mom are talking daily with auntie about this and as my mom has already packed almost all her stuff, as I think, now she’s probably just going to piss me off with phrases like: “Why are you taking that?! You don’t need it! Leave it home!” or “Why aren’t you taking that with you? You’re going to need it.” Well, letting all the nerve racking away, I guess she is just trying to be protective… That is what she says at least… but meh… God, Allah, all goddesses and forces of nature, please make my first trip abroad a great one and send me the change I need. 🙂  • Returning to the initial subject, me and mom [mostly her] have made a cute list with things we’d like to see, and well, we’ll definitely stop by Bruxelles, I don’t see how else! I hope this will go great, I could really use some real summer holiday trip happiness! See you in Belgium, sugar? :3

Adventure awaits clock

Tick Tock – On the clock, 
As I am standing on the edge of my seat,
Packing my things, alongside my wings
My clothes on a wire; my shoes are near by,
My thrill’s in the stomach and my head’s lost
The plane is awaiting
So let’s get going now, way up high!

Right now.


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