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Hey there sugar! Thought I could make a post with some nice hair styles and some hair advice, masks and stuff. 🙂 Enjoy!

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-masks time-

So, one easy mask for hair falling would be this cool two-ingredient recipe! You will need:
• the yolk of one egg
• 1-2 spoons of castor oil
Mix it and then put the content on the roots. Leave the mask for 45- 60 minutes and then wash your hair.

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Now, another nitrifying mask, related to the previous one, with 3 ingredients and lots of benefits. As speaking of a boost consisting in protein, calcium, potassium, vitamin A&D + lustrous shining and a soft feel. You’ll need:
• one whole egg
• olive oil
• lemon juice [from 1/2 lemon]

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Now, it’s time to add an ‘available at all seasons’ fruit, for when you’re bored with eggs… 😉 You’ll need:
• 2 overripe bananas [blended]
• a table spoon of honey
• one table spoon of either coconut oil, or olive oil
This all seasoned mask contains lots of potassium + vitamins A&C&E. As you may already know, potassium is great for damaged hair, vit. A is good for dry hair, vit. C for the scalp and vit. E is good for oily hair. So like I said that the mask is an all seasoned one, you can see that’s also for all typed hair! 😀
Divider GraphicsNow, here you are a sweet strawberry mask, in case you’re planning on also eating, not only applying the mask 😀 This delish masks contains a boost of vitamin C. It offers a great lustrous shine to the hair and has a nitrifying benefit. Ingredients:
• one tablespoon of honey
• one tablespoon of coconut oil
• a handful of fresh strawberries

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Another useful mask for oily hair consists in jojoba oil [one cup]. Other ingredients:
• lemon juice
baking soda 

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Going on the opposite type of hair, here you are a dry hair mask recipe, with jojoba oil, too. +:
• half an avocado
• one teaspoon of honey

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To close up, here’s the last mask for shine, scalp and no volume hair. Ingredients:
• yogurt
• baking soda
• lemon juice [one small lemon] 
* And the last tip: for a faster mask, try washing your hair with beer, it also helps with the soft feel and the nice shine. * 

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