A lazy Sunday before a beautiful Monday ♥

“When life gives me lemons, I give myself a tea.”

2014-02-04 10.58.14

This weekend was real fun and busy, also. I started it awesome, from Friday, even! My Halloween was pretty cool! Hope yours too. Pizza & beer, just two words to describe it haha xD Then, saturday – another perfect day to spend with family… and finally, sunday, that one day when comes the monday morning break down [see quiet riot]. But, i think i have found a way to strike it! ❤

It’s about time… it’s Monday. 😀

10 steps to start your day and your week, also, up and about!

  1. Sleep with your curtains half-opened, maybe the moon will be watching over you… – i just love that moment when the moon’s right in front of my window and instead of falling asleep i just keep on watching it, just like it watches us ♥
  2. Make sure you know how the weather will be, so you’ll have your clothes ready and you won’t waste any more time on seeking for them.
  3. Stretch. Meditate. Yoga. Sit ups. Anything – for at least 30s.
  4. Take vitamins! Or drink lots of water, maybe some coffee. I prefer coffee with a lot of sugar, okay okay, I know sugar isn’t thought to be that healthy… but com’ on… I always say: “Eat your food happy, no matter if it’s a salad or a chocolate bar, and then it should make no difference, as long as you will be zen. It’s not the chocolate who makes you fat, it’s the stress. So cut it off!”
  5. Brush your teeth and your tongue! ❤
  6. Remember this: “If life doesn’t smile at you, tickle life ’till it laughs!”
  7. Sing, anything you like! Make sure it is a positive song, though :o3
  8. Make somebody else happy with a big hearted smile or a blissfully compliment!
  9. Take some sweets on your way to work/ school or anywhere you are going. 🙂
  10. Hope, dream, wait and always do your best!



Zoe xx 


  1. Aww you really think so sugar?! that is so nice of you. I love blogging and getting this kind of feedback is probably the best thing, i appreciate it. BTW, if you got any questions about any topic, feel free to tell me and i shall make a how-to post for it 😍😊☺

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