Along her cat, she tells a story ♥

Good afternoon sugars! Had a great day?

hey smiley This post will be about my cute granny neighbour that has a cute cat and a cuter story to tell. She’s around 68 years old and still looks like a sweet classy woman! She used to be good friends with my grandmother, before she passed away. Now, I use to visit her [my mom visits her too and they also talk about recipes] and make sweets swaps. She reminds me of my grandparents, especially of my grandma, even though they weren’t sisters, they always looked like they were, to me. Now, going back on sweets swaps… another thing they used to do too, alongside watching asian movies and series. 😦 Last time, [you remember my fruity tart, right?] I served her a piece of that and yesterday she served a chocolate cake she has recently made; which reminds me of another great cake of hers, a carrot one. Seriously, no joking. Basically, it wasn’t made from carrots, it had some extract, more like saying. 🙂
laughing kitty smiley
As we were eating, the cat quickly came to smell it, no surprise she seemed to be craving, it looked delish! hehe emoticon As always, we started talking about usual things and from one thing to another, she reminded of her childhood. She’s told me several stories about that, but this was the first time me & my mom found out that she was a kid when was the World War II. The story she told me and the way she told it, also, had really emotional me. Those times, participating in the army, going to wars, was a must for men…nowadays, not anymore. As her father was in war, she was at home only with her mother, who was supposed to go at work and as her grandmother never really visited them, she was all by herself at home. At one point, her parents separated, and then, both of them got remarried  and just like that… she had 2 more sisters, one from her mom and one from her dad. I didn’t really understood why they have even separated, though I think it was some misunderstanding about her father’s death, but I thought it would be too painful and awkward to even ask again. All I know is that even her mother had another husband, her father was still bringing them needful things, but she never really knew that it was her father who was bringing those, not until she got older. crying and blowing nose emoticonShe told me that when her and her sister were alone  at home, before leaving, their mother would make them something as a camouflage tent, from branches, leaves and underneath them a blanket, in order to avoid the soldiers to discover and hurt them. crying emoticon A short while after all these, when she just 8 years old, her mother passed away and her real father’s sister advised him that it would be fair to take his daughter away from that place, as she was his first one. O. [my neighbour] was anxiously thinking and wondering what would have happened with her if she had remained there. Though, she really wanted to stay to offer the alms for her dead mother. She did everything as the tradition said, but after she had a dream related to the alms, she kept wondering if doing herself some of the things, somehow affected her mother’s soul on its way to the other world, if that even exists… kitten confused smiley 
home emoticon
Afterwards, her father took her at his home, but she was missing her other sister. Soon enough that was her home, too, but her new sister and her never really got along. When everything came to the right point, things got normal, she got married, she moved away and she had a daughter [which happens to be goods friend with my mom]. She hasn’t spoken to her sister from her dad’s side, since then. With the other one, she lost connection for a couple of years. All she remembers now is that her sister remarried, too. From what I have understood, before moving with her other husband, she came visiting O. with all her baggage, but as O. was in a hurry, she gave her the key and told her that husband was at home and she was about to come in a half an hour. But when she did, her sister was already gone, and since then… they have never spoken again. But that was a long while ago. O.’s husband is dead, too. I remember him… he was a version of what I would like to call a big kid, or just a kid in a grown up’s body. He was as calm and good as O., no wonder they got along so well, all this time. running around emoticon
Now, she lives with her lovely big cat playing kitty smiley. Her daughter is visiting her quite often, with her husband, also. We visit her, too. And then, she always has her cat beside her. 🙂 Well, just like I said before, she is so alike with my sweet beloved dead grandmother. A great housewife, a working woman, a good mother, calm person and so on. Another thing I love to remember is the way their families make me believe that true love and respect between lovers can still exist. My grandfather, [one of my favourite relatives by far – he was like the best parent to me] was always helping my grandmother. They were always dividing everything equally, and so did O. and her husband. * Not that it would really matter now, but I’ve been thinking and I would love to help my nice neighbour find her sister, as she has told that she still knows where her ex husband and her son live now. I think it would make her happy to bring back someone she loved and memories she didn’t forget. A little journey to a place in search of the unknown.
gardening smiley
Things like these make me think of every wonder this world has for us. It’s crazy how when we don’t have pressures from others, in family, at work or just simply in life, some of us tend to create them. Why can’t we stop shattering? Why do we always have the tendency to consign every single thing to doom? Some of us were anyway born to die without having the chance to explore and give rise to something big, be the cause of something great. I’ll say it again. Life is a gift that has to be unwrapped carefully. You can’t just keep on playing tough games that even you can’t take them, that can even trick yourself. Truth is, indeed, that you can’t observe it when you are truly happy, if you’re not sad, too. But don’t seek for grief in order to get consolation and all you want, because if you look gloom, it will look for you, and what goes around will then come around. When grief hits you, though, be sure you’ll have something/ someone to hang on to. It’s important to see the full half of the glass, not the empty one. When something or someone is being taken away from you, be sure you’ll hang on to something else, because the feeling of poverty can cause a major heartache. When you can’t storm the sorrow, don’t cry for the moon. Cherish now, hope for your key, dream for your life and wait for your freedom. Don’t offend someone else. Some things in life are not our choice. But some are, and so is that of being good or… . Search for a better you, always do that. ♥

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