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But… What about key charms? ♥

 We pay so much attention to all stuff, but these, the little ones… we always tend to let them aside. And to think of your keys… can you imagine how lonely they would feel without these? ♥

But... What about key charms? ♥

6 thoughts on “But… What about key charms? ♥ Leave a comment

  1. ahh, i am sorry for that! but hopefully you will fins them somewhere in the house. it’s always that cliche… when we think we lost sth but it is in the bag or around the house! maybe it’s the same case now sugar! ❤

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  2. Ha, This post is for me, I just lost my keys and it is due to me losing my key-holder first. I love my key-holders when it looks fancy at the same time noticeable and strong. Love the Nail polish key-holder.


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