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Chocolate muffins ♥

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Hei sugars! Ready for my weekend recipe?! This time, i’ve tried something new! Chocolate dough + raisins and chocolate chips inside! (And a little sugar with cinnamon) You’ll need: 150g milk chocolate, 5 spoons of flour, 2 eggs, 5 spoons of sugar, chocolate chips, raisins, 150g butter, a grain of salt, baking powder – of course, vanilla/ rum/ cinnamon sugar. This time i chose the cinnamon flavoured one! But you can as well, add any flavour you want, even more than one, but make sure it won’t be too loaded or grose, thus. So, let’s start!
(Ps: you’ll get around 15 muffins with these composition)

  • 1. In a big bowl, put the eggs and th pinch of salt and mix. Then add the sugar.
    2. In a different place, a saucepan or rather a pot, add water. Put it on a medium flame and wait until it starts boiling. When it does, you’ll put on top of it a saucepan with the butter and the chocolate (broken into smal pieces) – and don’t forget to get the butter from the fridge before starting to bake!
    3. Make sure you’ll keep mixing with a spoon the chocolate and the butter, so they won’t stick and get a nausepus smell.
    4. After that has melt you can remove the two pots from the oven’s flame. And let them cool a little.
    5. Now, add the flour (spoon by spoon), the baking soda and the flavour you chose. Mix them with a whisk, make sure there won’t be no lumps.
    6. Add the melted chocolate cream over the other content and mix them well. Now, it’s time to bake them!

In the tray (mine has 12 muffin forms) add the baking parchment. Now, add a little of content + chocolate chips and raisins + content again. You can as well, add something on top of it! 🙂  let them in the oven (small flame or medium, not big, we don’t want them to get burned) for about 15 – 20 mins. 🙂  don’t open the oven until then, so they will keep growing. See the images upper ^^
Xoxo, have a great Sunday! Don’t drink acid, don’t eat too much meat, watch sports, do yoga! Read! Purify your thoughts, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Hope dream wait ♥

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  1. well, i only had to buy the chocolate! i hope you’ll have everything, though! these are perfect for a lovely sunday evening sugar! :*:*:* you are welcome

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