Cookie swap, sugars ♥

So, for this Christmas, why don’t you invite a couple of friends at your house to have a cookie swap? You can do this to simplify everything at your Christmas party. So I’m going to show you how to do your wonderful cute get-together.

~Step 1. 

Invite sugars! First of all, you have to pick a few people [around 10] and tell them to bake one cookie type and bring the recipe along the cookies. :3

~Step 2.

Now, it’s your turn to choose what to cook. As you’re the host, bake 2 types of cookies. :3

~Step 3.

Put them on the table, and put some nice cards with the names. :3

~Step 4.

Buy some cute boxes, ribbons and other Kawai things for the offering! :3

~Step 5. 

Nicely decorate all the plates. :3

~Step 6.

Prepare for the swap, everybody… GO! :3


Vanilla-Bean Spritz WreathsChocolate-Peppermint CookiesDark Chocolate Cookies with Sour CherriesOrange Sable Cookies

vanilla [or caramel] , peppermint [or pistachio] , chocolate [or dark chocolate] , orange [or lemon]
Now, let’s find some beverages to go with those cookies. =^o^=

Ginger SparklerThe Capricorn

  • Ginger sparkler. Boil some ginger, sugar and water. Then add some wine.
  • The Capricorn. Wine, kumquat zest and sugar, then a floating kumquat slice in it.

bp103199_1107_cranberry_xlSparkling Shiraz Punch

  • Berry little. Cranberry juice, black currant juice, vodka and 2-3 cranberries on a stick.
  • Sparkling Shiraz punch. Fresh mint and elderflower liqueur.

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  1. Thanks a bunch for linking to my blog, “I just like cookies; cookies are my favorite (” Sweet to meet you, Zoe! Merry Christmas ❤


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