Such a skinny flawless nature, but so powerful indeed ❤





Whenever you feel down, just take a moment and enjoy the nature. Live with it. Breath with it, feel it. How skinny she looks, but when you actually reconsoder all the things she does: tornado, tsunami, heavy rains, earthquake etc. You can finally see her power. One moment we are here and in the second we could all be gone. So, stop being sad about that permanent past, it cannot be undone, it is as it is so come what may. Long live flowers, stars, the moon and the sun, our mother nature. 💚🍀 I know that sometimes you feel like nobody gets you. You think they will, you hope they will, but once you will suddenly realize how alone you are, how alone we all are, because the rest is pretty much an illusion. Be good, be yourself, be relaxed or try to be when you have no more guts to do anything but cry. Take the one cup from the cupboard that appeals to you the most in that exact moment, make some tea and drink it slowly, feel it, taste it, focus on it. Breath. Relax all your muscles and release all your thoughts. One lovely cup of tea and one glance at mother nature, can lift your head so high that your thoughts will be ruptured. Always believe in yourself and search for the good in everything and everyone.  xx  Zoe 👸👑🌂


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