Royal old buildings. ♥

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Under this big’o’sky, we just make our tiny steps, surrender our hurts, fight the nature, on our way to fighting and finding ourselves. Whether we are or we aren’t designed for happiness, love it’s going to get to our hearts. 

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Page Graphics We just keep on building, talking, working, doing things, without completely thinking, observing, seeing, feeling the truth, the essence, the good in us and in others. We influence each other to do things we don’t want to, because of the fear of being really, truly, us. HOPE


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Feel free to be you, feel free to wear what you want, feel free to listen to  any things you want – related to music, religions etc. , feel free to be everything, feel free to feel all these beautiful things. DREAM


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for your true love, true call, work for your soul, for your mind, for your dreams, be a shadow, be a human, be a better person, be you.


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