Neat rain ❤

🌂 I just love rainy weather. #wheneverwherever I love all the rain, the empty streets, walking through rain and losing track of time. Simple things that make my day. 😻☔ Even so, i always wondered why silly people call this bad weather and the sunny days the nice one. Oh or how much it makes me laugh how they suddenly disappear when the rain starts. Haha. Like dirt when the broom comes. Haha. Take that motf 😹😹 and the rain be like yuuuhu we gotta clean this yoo. ❤💞💪👌🙀 well. What can i say. I’m a neat, rainy autumn, i am comin’ with you 🍃🍃😁🍂☔

Always ready for tea, books, really long walks, lovely sounds of rain falling on the ground, on the plants and oh my god my list could go on like that for hours. And seriously now i am so happy when it rains that i think my endorfines get all activated and i feel so warm that when i hear people saying oh my gosh this weather is soo cold i feel so amused. God thanks for today’s rain. I know its not thanksgiving yet, but hey if god wants us to be grateful i am ready to start now.❤❤

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