Good food for a good day ❤

well, hello there, sugar! i think it has been a long long time since i haven’t actually written a proper post guys. Sorry – not sorry. . .?! i promise that one day i will make time to tell you lots of ideas that i was careful enough to note down and all the things i have been up to, ideas for christmas and so on, though i am not sure that you uld be interested, but hey, one man can hope.

Right now i thought to share with you the great combination i just had this morning that really, totally helped me! i don’t know if i told you or if you remember or figured it out, but i am a vegetarian and i also want to try the vegan thing for a while too. Anyway, this is not all i wanted to talk to you about. Thing is. . .i know life is hard. I totally get it. But you have to do something to change it and to unite and smile and blah blah blah, damn it, you do get my point, don’t you? Fuck all that crap you hear with change yourself and so on. If you feel that you are good, that you are right then you have to share it. You have to be THE change. You shouldn’t just feed in, you should make this planet feed in! you are the change, it doesn’t matter who you are, how old are you and where you are from. Forget the depression. Forget the lies. The bad things that happened yesterday. The bills you didn’t pay. The nasty look he gave to you. The bad words she said to you. Follow me, follow this 3 easy steps.

  1. Get up, get dressed exactly as you feel. If you feel good enough and comfy, it does not matter if it rains or if the wind blows.
  2. Eat something great and be grateful       for every bit of it! for example, my breakfast, besides the amazing coffee with milk, consisted in a slice of rye bread, avocado on top of it and a water fried egg on top of them all. Seriously, this sounds healthy af, and tasty. .  Oh my gosh, When i tasted it i felt so so much better, seriously. Sometimes healthy things can be so much better than the junk. I mean it!!
  3. Put a smile on your face, keep your ead high seriously speaking now – and walk straight and determined. Straight to your goal. You can, you will. 

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Xd Take Care Xd 미소! 

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