Chocolate muffins ♥

time for a treat! ❤

Hope Dream Wait



Hei sugars! Ready for my weekend recipe?! This time, i’ve tried something new! Chocolate dough + raisins and chocolate chips inside! (And a little sugar with cinnamon) You’ll need: 150g milk chocolate, 5 spoons of flour, 2 eggs, 5 spoons of sugar, chocolate chips, raisins, 150g butter, a grain of salt, baking powder – of course, vanilla/ rum/ cinnamon sugar. This time i chose the cinnamon flavoured one! But you can as well, add any flavour you want, even more than one, but make sure it won’t be too loaded or grose, thus. So, let’s start!
(Ps: you’ll get around 15 muffins with these composition)

  • 1. In a big bowl, put the eggs and th pinch of salt and mix. Then add the sugar.
    2. In a different place, a saucepan or rather a pot, add water. Put it on a medium flame and wait until it starts boiling. When…

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