Grand prix finale ❤

Well, hello.

Hope your weekend was a great one, if not, check out some of the tips blog to make sure the next one will be. And not only the weekend, but the week too, an your life and so much for the life of others. Be the change! ❤ May the force be with you. 

This weekend, in France, was the grand prix finale where amazing figure skaters and some of my all time favorites competed and made an excellent show. Patrick Chan, unfortunately, got on the 5th place and i literally cried. Yuzuru was amazing as always and Evgenia Medvedeva truly succeded once again to show us her guts. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir proved that they are the real deal and the Shibutani brothers managed to finish with an honorable bronze medal. Well, that bronze medal doesn’t make me love them less, they will always be my favorites from the ice dancers. However many beautiful words anf praises i could bring up here for almost all the figure skaters, i will make it short and put up the results. XD 

I’m a sucker for sports, but figure skating and ski jumping will always be the cherry on top for me. I totally recommend anybody these two. And why not, experimenting those in real life too. 

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