tuesday vibes ❤

Well, hello, sugars! 

i don’t know about your monday night sleep, but mine was kind of missing so while i was looking through some of the instagram accounts i am following, i have been inspired and at 3 am or around that hour, don’t know exactly, the @dirtywithstudio inspired me to create something witchy, as the hour itself made my sleep impossible to come. So, from the feathets my beloved parrot left behind while flying around through the house these days, cuz i tell you – he’s been quite a wanderer this start of the year – and from some of the roses i kept from several gifts, i made this cute wanna be pentagrame. I’m not a cult fan or anything like that, but the hour itself inspired me, the full moon was missing from this whole equation, but thank god, my sleep has finally come at around 4, lucky me i didn’t have anywhere important to be today. It was quite a productive day though, i managed to do the tasks i had, even if i still have like a little while i am 100% ready, and i been out a while, forgot to take a pic of the awesome delight i had, coffee comined with hot chocolate, milk and on top of it whipped cream, ice cream and m&ms candies. I am trying to have a break from everything that relates to social media, with the lovely exception of my blog, because i want to inspire others to do the same, even if i am definitely not too popular with people in any case, i hope that you, who are reading this right now – thanks for taking the time, god bless you – will realize that this abuse of technology nowadays really increases the stress we are dealing with daily and leves of irascibility increases also. Never the less to mention the eye problems, headaches and lack of actually proper socializing. So, let’s try and reminiscence a little how our folks used to live happily with no actual major need of internet, mobile phones, all this tv gossip and awful news about all the bad facts around us, instead of motivating the world to be the change the planet needs us to. 🙂 

Life, is therefore, a journey, not a destination. Like bliss, which is, in fact, less than a second and you only feel it like a warm feeling before the thing you been waiting to happen has actually happened. The work in progress and the effort are what matter, because the ‘calm after the storm’ will only come when you have put your soul into the matter. 

Take a deep breathe, find the opportunity to be patient and brave, choose the wise paths, help instead of judging, eat healthy instead of killing animals and appreciate what deserves to be appreciated. Don’t let anyone fool you and your instincts.

When you ask God for patience, he won’t give you immediately the warm feeling, HE will give you the chance to be so.

When i pray for courage and faith in making my dreams come true, God won’t simply make them real, he will make me find the opportunities to prove my courage and my will.

When we ask for forgiveness and inner peace, once again, this supreme force that rules over us, won’t just give these just like that, don’t let the posers fool you. Nothing worth comes easily, good things take time and by each day that comes forth, we have it. 

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