Friday funday – finally here ❤

Well, hello, sugars! Did your funday start well? hope it did! mine did, so i’m sending all the blessinga your way!
it’s really great when something that you been working on finally turns out the way you wanted, dreamed and deserved, isn’t it so? This is why it’s important to let go of all the hate, the stress, the ignorants around us, the bad thoughts and the imaginary pressure. Ignorants will be there all the time, no matter how much we would love them not to, because sometimes, our frustrations really manage to take control of our senses, and if you are one of those sensible people that like to understand and be understood, then you shall acknowledge by now that some choose to react inappropiate towards others, while others tend to be introverts. People who envy too much, drivers who shout because they think they are the only ones in a hurry, teachers who forget how to really teach, parents who forget to support, kids who forget how to be kids. Well, “we All go A little mad sometimes.” (psycho, 1960)
Everyday is somehow a challenge, even harder than those we used or still use to find in our truth or dare party games. Why? Because then you know what to expect and you can choose whether or not to accept it. In life, somehow, things are and aren’t that certain. But you can do it ❤ you can be the change. You can live your dream. You can leave the anxiety behind ❤
it’s no shame to take treatment, it’s no shame to talk to a specialist, it’s no shame to take long walks and deep breaths by yourself instead of blaming it on others and hurting others like some did to you.
today you may feel you won, tomorrow you may feel like you lost something. (the secret window) The ending is what really matters, but our life is a continuous journey, the destination is unknown, perhaps is our daily bliss, perhaps not and if so. . . Then whatever you do, make sure to remember, always remember yourself how you can be a good influence and how you may and will be the change. Meditate and make sure every single day has a proper ending.
Take care, xx
have a lovely weekend! Zoe xD 🍷

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