S🌞nday to M🌚nday ❤

are you relaxed and all ready for the new start up? Don’t want to hear a ‘no’ this time, not any time. 🙂 it’s never too late to do things right. And it’s always better late than never so giddy up, y’all! 

Our brain controls everything, from our health to our thoughts, our reactions and our emotions, our sleep and our subconciousness. If we can keep our head up high and don’t let other insignificant things bother us, then we are in control and this is what we want, right? 🙂 Protests, manifestations, fights, irony and ugly staring aren’t the good way to react, you know? I hate it when people treat other people this way. I mean ok, let’s take protests and manifestations, everybody all gathered together, but they are fighting against violence with more violence, something like bullying, just seemingly for a good cause, while having various messaged with hateful words. Okay, politicians are bad. But are WE good? It’s not our job to manifest like that, we only take their example. We should gather together with thoughts of peace and harmony. It’s not our job to use irony just because we think we are superior or stare ugly at somebody just because we find him/ her odd. It’s not our job. A job is a thing you do for money and what makes you think you will earn something from treating others badly?

Take Care, do What You Feel, but Respect Others in The Meantime. 

Love, xx Zoe xD

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