Shitty tuesday, ready to move on ❤

well, hello.

Now it’s a perf timing to talk about those days when we seem to get everythint. . .wrong?! when we just don’t feel like getting up or even doing anything as small and insignificant it would seem. 

It’s always good to go out and just take a walk, long or short, alone or with friends, in own or somewhere new. Fresh air and walks are always good, not only for our looks, but for our inner health, too!!

No matter, though, how much we would have to do, or whether it is much or not even close, we just can’t seem to get iti right, and hey look at that other mate! he has done it in a sec, piece of cake! 🍰😱

this is when some of us panic. Well, we should, in fact, if you want to take it the serious way. What are we doing wrong? What is happening? Why to me? Why now?

It’s not a panic thing, tho’. It is normal, somehow. . . We just have to let it go, easily, with no bruises, no strings attached! 😾😹 

it’s time for us to stop listening to all the voices, time to control everything the way we fell, without hurting other or implying anything unpleasant, time to focus, time to make a change, time to be the change. Depression? There is always somebody that can help. Break up? Someone right for you will come at the perfect moat unexpected time. Not someone better, because we all are better, it’s just that sometimes some of us are eager, some others aren’t and we tend to close our eyes in some kind of inappropiate moments. Remember. We are all better, we will all be the best, no exceptions. We just need to fit the found pieces right back where they should be. Think about a puzzle. There is no better or worse piece, they are all working together for us. And we should understand this and do the same. ☺:)🙍🙏

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