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Soo hello! i got this thing i didn’t get to post about yesterday, so instead of keeping short, i thought i would post today, keeping it. . .long 😁😁

yesterday, when the month of love had started, was also, the anniversary of my parents. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY DEAR FOLKS! THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME! There have been many years since they have been together, with both bad and good; the number of years, i believe, is not that important, but the fact that staying so much with a person, can really have some consequences on your life. The good ones. . .

  1. You learn to be more patient
    you learn to love more
    You feel the need to help and be helped, you feel you can depend on somebody, without being afraid of being alone
    you learn that the house chores won’t always be splited equally. .
    You learn that love isn’t always great. . .

the bad ones. . .

  1. you learn that despite all, you won’t always be able to be together
    you learn that you both have to work, literally and not only, for that relationship to work
    you learn that not everyone is a good match for you
    you learn that sometimes you have to let go
    you learn that not only you are important

really finding the person, the match for you, can change your life to 180° literally. My grandparents, from my mother’s side have been together their whole life, and they were literally a whole, one piece; when my granpa died, my grannie was devastated. I have never seen such a relationship like theirs, and i wish you all find something like that. Hope my parents, will, too. With a little exception. The ending, which as JD said in #thesecretwindow is the most important. I wish god, or that supreme power, would not let the other wait too long to get back with each other. My grannie did. . . Anyway, turning the page a little, there are other cases when due to the routine that has came between those two, when abuses come into consideration, that whom is affected won’t take a stand, because you/ she/ he wonder. . . .what will i do starting from tomorrow, without you? and there are, trust me, plenty of things to do. Also, this one simple, yet complex question, is suitable in every situation when you lose a dear one. Therefore. . .

Stop the bullying, the hate, the envy, the stress, the fear,
And start up the happiness, the confidence, the love, the power, the help.

Stop the bullying, the hate, the envy, the stress, the fear,
And start up the happiness, the confidence, the love, the power, the help.

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