Saturday vibes ❤

well, hello, saturday!

Saturday. .  Oh how we craved. . Time to relax then! 🙂 Get up, get dressed, meditate, eat something sweet enough to sweeten up your whole day and be sure to finish any task before noon, if there is any left, so you can enjoy the weekend properly! 

Here are some movies you might enjoy

  1. scary types. . . Ouija (1, 2), abattoir, the witching tree
  2. vintage pinches. . . Psycho, funny face, la cage aux folles, welcome to woop woop
  3. disturbing ones. . . Bunshisaba, lilja 4-ever, monsieur lazhar, the loved ones
  4. Milo Ventimiglia – guy from Gilmore Girls (also, watch these series) – movies. . . Pathology, dirty deeds 👌
  5. Johnny Depp fanatics wanna be. . . The secret window, chocolat, the man who cried
  6. Ezra Miller fuck-up scenes. . . We need to talk about Kevin, another happy day, beware the gonzo, perks of being a wall-flower

    Now, time to finish the tasks, watch a movie, go out, try the new cafe, visit the art gallery, walk through the city centre, enjoy the park view, buy something cheap and cute and just inhale – exhale and have a beautiful saturday!

    remember 3 things:

    1. You are beatutiful
    2. We all need to uderstand each other
    3. You deserve to be happy, too.

    Take care, xx Zoe xD @zoeandthepeanutbutter #insta teeo.zoe #snap 📷💝👻🎈

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