S ☀ nday to M 🌑 nday again ❤

Starting this way too early – 1st Hour – monday by My Beloved greeting to You

well, hello or good morning/ afternoon; whatever you’d like to call it. 🙂 i can’t sleep, it’s that kind of tired feeling that won’t let you go to sleep cus y are too tired but won’t let you do sth else either cus y are too sleepy; well this may be. . .  And the fact that i thought i could watch another vintage movie from my list! Starring badumtssss my fav, Audrey with the well known Gregory Peck, in Roman Holiday, from 1953, hoping for the best! though, i was kind of shocked when i’ve seen that it lasts 2 h, but dang, it is worth it. Fvck sleep, i wasn’t able to sleep anyway, so cheers to insomnias, lovely sundays out, nice pals, great dinners with my folks, donuts and changes!

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Take Care, xxYours always, Zoe xD

Also, if You Want to Communicate, zzooeef@gmail.com

May Your Monday Be As Mild As The Spring Wind, your week Be As Wild As The Animals, your Personality Become more Patient, your Stress Cease To Exist And May You Find The Power To be The Change. 💝🎒🎏

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