Not the usual Tuesday post ❤

Well, hello. It’s another lovely Tuesday, but unpleasant things aren’t banned from happening. So. . . Wondering what this about? Well, let’s find out!

Today there was a little surprise. The sloppy, clogged, a little dirty toilet. So, what to do if you find yourself in this situation all of a suden?

  1. Thing is, it’s also important how old your pipes are. This also could cause trouble, despite all the cleaning you do. So you might take into consideration renovations, too.
  2. Call a plumber.
  3. If you want to save money or the moment this happened is way inappropiate or you don’t want to actually call a specialist. .  Well then, use a plunger or a plumber snake yourself and see if you an get rid of the problem.
  4. From what i heard myself, Enzyme Toilet Cleaners also do a great job, so if you ever used one, please leave a comment and let us know if the commercials were right or not!
  5. Speaking of commercials, you almost always hear on TV that you can throw that and throw this, and you won’t have any problems, well, false, we have all, i guess, been there, done that, passed that – hooray!
  6. Also, combinations of vinegar, soda, other dry cleaning products, even shampoo with boiled water, left over night, seem to work.

Good luck!

take care, xx Zoe xD

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