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Al-hamdu Lillaah! ♥

As I said, again, three times in a row, cheers to the new stuff. So, sometimes, when either i got nothing to do or I CHOOSE to just lie around, i surf the net in order to find out about the amazing stuff around the world that i did not know about. 

So, here it comes that i found out about another celtic festival, Hop-tu-Naa, only celebrated in a small area, also on 31st October, predating the well known and loved Halloween. Appearantly, this is the original celebrating of the New Year’s Eve and the oldest unbroken tradition from that particular area, The Isle of Men – which actually represents self goiverning crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Engleand and North Ireland, also known as simply Mann.

Another thing is – this you may not find this exciting BUT! – i found out on Discovery about a volcano, somewhere on the Santorini Island. SO what? – you say. Well, as a meds beginner and passionate, that immediately brought me to the Santorini second duct, from the pancreas. Yea – for a meds person my connections usually are truly bizarre, as i tend to make more connections between the meds hard stuff to keep in mind and the outside things, than those on the inside too. Weeird, but oddly goodly enough to help me remember everything just in time! So i suggest to you, find your ways for your prays. ♥

Least, but not last – and despite me seeming to have a problem with number 3 i must deny it haha definitely i don’t never pff – continuing . . . You know that moment when you are really focusing towards doing something and then BANG! somebody sneezes near you and distracts you? Well, i just heart that appearantly muslims tend to very much dislike yawning, but on the equal, very much like sneezing, also saying Al-hamdu Lillaah, as in some kind of God Bless you, but just a different religion version – and then here i come again – isn’t it just all an over all supreme power? isn’t it all about the interpretationn?

Well, i guess i will leave this one depend on you, sugars. I would really love to see what you have to comment about this.

Take care, xx Zoe xD

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