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Are you G-F? ♥

This is indeed very useful not only for those who want to be on a healty diet and still! want to eat potatoes, but to those who are vegetarians/ vegans or gluten free! I actually have a friend that has this issue, and until we talked about it I have always thought that it is actually a great thing that happened to her, because of the healthier eating style it would impose to her, but what i did not know, was that G-F eating people spend way more momeny on their food than those who eat regular food, and, also, despite vegetarians [like i am] or vegans, who actually choose their eating habbits.

In a nutshell, how you eat IS REALLY IMPORTANT. I have encountered many tummy issues due to my habbits, thing i will talk to you about in another post, until then, check this out, enjoy this cute blog and always be careful!

Be the change xx ☺

My favourite garlic and chive home-made chips.

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