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I, needed this, and it helped ♥

Don’t know if i have ever mentioned this before, but i don’t really want it to matter on my blog anyway – i want it to be more about you, more about what change means, more about inner peace and well, more about oddly goodly stuff – but i, myself, am preparing for meds. And this post has really, don’t know, again, why in fact, given me a lot to think about. I actually selected a short paragraph from it, that kind of . . . given me chills, the cold once.

Bed 4’s daughter came and started to panic over her mother condition, demanding detailed answers from me. I was busy and annoyed to be honest. But as I opened my mouth to say “Relax” rudely, I froze.

May the force be with you.

Be the change, always try, if not, really understand those around you.

Take care, xx Zoe xD


I wish her well, I wish she didn’t have to go through that, but I am glad she did and I was there to see it.

via Between Humanity and Medicine — Medicine for Dummies

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