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Recognizing one’s pain doesn’t erase yours ♥

well hello. this shall be my last “crumbs” for the day! And i hope that, if you read my posts, you did not call this one pretty day, a blue monday. be the change, always xx

so, getting back to what i wanted to say. i will make it short, just on point. open your eyes wide and your hearts wider for what you are about to read, cus je suis sick of all these complaints and mean “treatments”.

  1. recognizing one’s pain does not erase yours  – what? – I mean that if you are in pain, it doesn’t mean you also have to be cruel too and not open your heart to those around you who you may be able to help. Think about how it would make you feel better and how nice those persons would feel, and you know . . . what goes around, comes back around.

  2. there is no comparison between no sorts – absolutely not – of pain – again, what? – This will absolutely make the most people who will read it disgusted for what i am going to write. My mother talked with me on this, firstly she was kind of disagreeing me most ways, but shortly after, she seemed to feel what i was trying to explain. But, this is how i feel, and i thought about it long enough. You know how it all comes from our brains and some react differently to something, despite the intensity, it all goes to the human, the thing, the ‘it’ itself. So, let’s take a woman who has a sick kid – down syndrome, bad enogh – and a girl – who is considered what the f* word beautiful is nowadays. The mother, feels, under any circumstances an unimaginably pain, but the kid, due to being ill, or let me say grace to, he/ she won’t ever know what is really happening in this partially quite cruel world. Also, it is known that those mentally ill are gone pretty much quicker than those who seem not to be mentally ill. Therefore, his/ her mother will always be there, will always bring love and help and the loneliness shall never come. Now, let’s take the girl, who, has nothing truly more than that nowadays beauty. Pimples appear [post ongoing about this too], what shall come after? Bullying? Dislike? Disapproval? Emotional shock? Anxiety? Depression? Shortly after, mental disorders, too. AND it all goes down to the brain. Nothing is what it seems to be, even sugar looks like salt, so, every single think taken into small pieces can prove a different side to what it was seen. Don’t judge too harshly, please, you are supposed to be human. ♥

  3. pain does not make you inferior – you shall talk about it and should be allowed to, if it bothers you. Nothing should make you turn yourself against you.

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