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Tuesday, 14th, special day ♥

Well, hello, sugars.

I am not really a sucker for Vday’s gifts and touchy things, although i like receiving pretty “attentions” from time to time, too, we all do; but surfing on wordpress, i just happened to bump into this lovely letter that i thought would deseve to be reblogged, despite me being less “sugarly”. Oddly goodly, i thought i could stop by on my blog today in a short break and post something related to this special day and also WISH YOU ALL to have a great V Day and a great day in general, because you should be happy, confident, good and understanding no matter the day. But as today is considered to be one of those special days of the year, why noy start now?

kisses and hugs, xx Zoe xD


Dead husband, I’m sitting in Starbucks drinking my coffee and eating my bagel and the dough smells like New York City in the fall with you and I’m writing this letter professing my undying love for you, for Valentine’s Day which is tomorrow by the way and I was thinking of all the things I […]

via My love letter to you — Clover and Fig

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  1. Yeah what’s makes this day special for some people it just because they have the memories of this day… maybe it simply started with receiving a gift… so joyeux saint Valentin to you.

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