That moment when y are in Manchester . . . ♥

Well, you know that moment when you are in Manchester and you would just like a hot coffee, and you don’t know which cafe to go to? I mean usual stuff . . . routine and so . . . haha. Now, seriously, sugars, i happened to come across this and i wish i would go to that cafe one day, it seems so lovely and comforting and comfy and i bet they serve some awesome beverages!

Last weekend in Manchester, when my friend suggested this cafe she knew that was just up the road, all I really heard was ‘There is cake’ and I was pretty much sold. I didn’t realise I was entering a place that would blow my mind in the cutest and mellowest way possible. It was in […]

via Ziferblat: The Best Cafe I’ve Ever Seen — Abigail Houseman


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