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Another Friday fact ❤

Well, hello. First, something out of context – there are so many people, including each and one of us that should be appreciated almost equally to those who have really had the chance to influence this world in a grand manner; some have the luck to be born rich, some really talented, some have the chance to be discovered, some don’t, some work their a**es off, some just manage to be in the right place at the right time; just because some have more opportunities and somehow reduce the amount of time in which they show what they can do, doesn’t mean that those who stay in a shadow can’t do something more. On the contrary, i strongly believe, that, for example, a pretty grown up woman who manages to look like a real lady, raise kids, love her husband, neighbours and relatives, work out, cook and even invent herself recipes or something else, a woman who has a hard job etc. Should be way more appreciated than the so called stars we see on TV, taking into consideration the fact that beside having money to invest in theirselves, they also have people who keep on pumping a good vibe towards them through all the admiration. And please, right now, no matter how peaceful i always try to be and make you be to, let’s cut out the part where they are also supposed to get bad comments, as us, the everyday people, get them too, right or right? 😁

in a short short nutshell, which was anyway short. . .i am trying to point out that we should all get that amount of appreciation we need in order to be able to keep a balance and make a change in good, as i am sure, us sugars, we will. ❤ Soon.

Now, back to what i was going to say. Have you heard about the head transplant that is about to happen? Well, you don’t always hear about doctors on TV, may i say almost not at all. I don’t say i don’t like small gossiping on TV or in magazines when i just need to distract myself, but sometimes, more often quite clear, we should help on supporting other important people who really have a grea influence upon us. 

Secondly, i asked my mom, to quickly tell me one person, not neessarily known, that made a mark in her life. She is a vet and, just as i expected, she told me out an assistant, that slowly became a doc, then the principal of the university she once attented. She told me that his way of teaching made her love the career she has already chosen way more and i think that this is what we need. What we all need. People to make us happen as we should, make us do what we feel, people who don’t need to be famous to show the world their values. Be one of them. 

Because. . . After all, a shadow is called a shadow, not because it is dark and unable to be seen, but because all around it is light, the light that the so called shadow spreads around, cus if there was no light, we weren’t able to see this shadow. So, this is what we need to do. Share the light.

Take care, xx Zoe xD

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