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Not an Eurovision fan? ♥

well, hello, sugars! this is going to be quite a short post. Enjoy 🙂

If you are from US, you may not know too much or not at all about this contest called Eurovision. It’s about music, that sums it up pretty good.

I am not Estonian or something, though, i wish someday i will visit pretty much every little corner from this entire beautiful world, like we all do – but right now i will just stick up to what i have started.

So, at this contest, almost all of the European countries participate with a song – and since a while, i acknowledge Australia has been accepted, too – as it is quite just a country, but seems like a continent due to being isolated from the other grounds. Anyway, i am not really a big’o’fan of this, but did you hear of Kerli Koiv? She is an estonian singer, which i – for no particular reason – absolutely love – i have a pretty wide range of tastes, i know, weird, i can go from metal to classics and from electronic to pop in just a short while that i don’t believe myself either – anyways, i have been a fan of her songs and style since i was younger. If you know her, tho’, did you know she abandoned high school to pursue her dream? And then this happened! Her comepeting at Eurovision! YAY! ♥

She will be singing Spirit Animal – which is a song that represents her quite perfect – tho’, i wish she would be singing this one.


“We are not human beings living a spiritual life. We are spiritual beings living a human life.”

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