Quick Recommendation ❤

Well. Hello, sugars. 🙂

Another beautiful thursday and a fun weekend ahead! so here is my quick recommendation for a couple of nice short series, perfect after a hard busy day, when all you need is to sit down and drink some cup of hot cocoa while watching something nice and short enough, because you are already too tired to stay up any longer.

Therefore, have any of you heard about bates motel or the fosters? Their new episodes are on going! And i definitely suggest you go and watch them. They’re pretty interesting, quite different from the usual series and, damn, the plot is exciting and always full of things that keep you on the edge of your seat!

  1. The first one. . .is more of a blend between thriller and drama. Based on the original Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock (also try 2 by Richard Franklin and 3 by the man himself, Anthiny Perkins!)
  2. And the next one, suitable for all ages and genres suckers, two mothers raising a mix of adopted and biological children, coping with daily situations and so on. Enjoy!

#extra #casual would be something you might enjoy as well, if you get over the first ep which was kind of annoying to me, then you won’t even feel time passing by!

have a great day, take care, xx Zoe xD

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