Friday cosy night in ❤

well. Hello, sugars. 🙂 As i think i mentioned before. . . Sometimes i am more for saturday nights out, rather than fridays. Usually, on fridays i like to take some time to rellax after a long week and maybe catch up with a friend or family, watching some fun or horror series depending on the mood, eating some more snacks after 8, maybe having something more to drink or just maintain a nice limit between the cosy night in and a hot cocoa. ❤ so, what are you? So, friday night in+saturday night out versus friday night out – what would you rather go for?

take care, xx Zoe xD



ps 1 : i am having a hard time right now choosing betweeb the porcelain and the chocolate spoon. . . 

ps 2 : remember that penguins are just the lovely swallows who just happen to eat a little more after 8-9-10, well, they are just as cyte asvthe swallows, aren’t they?

huugs ☺ 


  1. Actually i did saw it, but it could have been as well as just a blog name 😉 well, i am sorry that you aren’t allowed out at night, what can i say. Didn’t know this ’bout Washington tho’

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