A pinch of. . .health! ❤

well, hello sugars! time for another yummy smoothie recipe to Start Mondaaaay! ❤

just three lovely and healthy ingredients this time!

A few strawberries (i think i added 4-5) and just a lil bunch of grapes!

One or two ripe bananas, i eventually added just one because i have already filled the mug! 🙂

Now, time for their benefits to stand out and delight us! ❤

  1. Strawberries: did you know the plant is member of the rose family?! + they contain vitamin C – which, if you didn’t already know, it’s amazing and really important for a proper function of your nervous system
  2. Grapes: vitamin C hits again! + vitamin A (great for your eyes and skin!!) + vitamin B6 (also known as pyridoxine, also great for your skin, and as i read in my meds bok – the average dose should be around 1,8 mg – as to everything, extra doses of anything aren’t as good as they would initially seem), also, grapes are an amazing source of minerals!! and if you ever have indigestion or constipation issues, well, grapes are here to help
  3. Bananas: almost no fat, heaps of fiber! enriched with antioxidants and minerals, great even for diets

Make sure to get your daily pinch of selenium and zinc, vitamins, fiber and natural sugar! 

Take care, xx Zoe xD 

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