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Can i get into that (w)orld too? ♥

Well, hello sugars. 🙂 Brief review and recommendation on the way ♥

This time, i will talk about the latest kdrama I am currently watching. It’s been quite a while since I have watched a kdrama and the time hasn’t given me a fair break either, so I just kept on watching my short american series from time to time, but my insane craving for kdramas just wouldn’t leave me alone. So, here it is. (I’m currently on the 10th ep, so no worries, there won’t be any spoilers alert around!)

Imagini pentru w two worlds

Well, to have a proper start, first let me tell something you may have already expected. The korean drama is set in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea – yes, that Korea where is currently somewhat of a democratic breakthrough, not the one threatening US {N}. 😀
Talking about the film seting and so on, the main cast starring:
  • Lee Jong Suk – well, the lovely glance he seems to quickly puzzle you with, doesn’t cease to exist in this drama, either. He plays Kang Chul, the main character. . .from the series, yes, alright aaand. . .from the webtoon, currently the thing i am eager to see how it ends – though, i have to say that i am not a hopeless romantic – clearly not – but korean dramas get to my sensitive side faster than light.
  • Han Hyo Joo – well, this part is also one that definitely made me take a peek at the drama, as she plays a resident surgeon, in her 30’s, who – despite being with her head in the clouds – plays the real person, Oh Yeon Joo specialising in cardio – thoracic surgery.
  • Lee Tae Hwan – that other lovely korean – h*ll with this, we are all lovely, but damn, Koreans to me tend to f* force that barrier! – who almost always wears black – other favorite part of mine, da*n, did they read my mind when making this?! – Seo Do Yoon, Kang Chul’s kind of always there guardian angel – to put it into nicer words. 🙂
  • Jeong Eu Gene – Kang Chul’s best girl friend and also other one of his employees, who secretly – more or less – has a crush on him.
  • Kim Eui Sung – finally another one of the real ones – playing the cute “head in the clouds” surgeon’s father – Oh Sung Moo, also the seemingly first creator of the webtoon.
  • Lee Si Un – and now, to fix the balance, the third from the real world, Park Soo Bong, that kind of lovely and super reliable person, kind of stuck somehow in the so called friendzone, who is working together with Oh Sung Moo and two other women on creating  the webtoon, drawing the sketches and all that there is to be involved.

Others to be mentioned: Oh Yeon Joo’s mother, Han Chul Ho – just another corrupted politician who is against Chul, Son Hyun Suk – one of Kang Chul’s suporters who knew him for a very long time, Park Min Soo – Oh Yeon Joo’s proffesor and Kang Suk Bum’s.

Imagine similară
from left to right: the first two – Kang Chul’s best friends; Kang Chul aka the famous well known Lee Jong Suk; Son Hyun Suk; Oh Yeon Joo, her father and the lovely Park Soo Bong.

Plot – well, it has quite a seemingly boring start, which ends quite harshly, too. Anyway, it turns out that Kang Chul, the main character around whom the whole webtoon revolves around, has actually been made up by the daughter, while being in high school, thinking about her dream man. While in Grey’s Anatomy there is mr. McDreamy, here we have another one! The father takes on the character, fulfilling “him” with a great personality, an amazing will, good looks, money and well, all that it takes to be the main character, you know how it goes *-* I mean I am still kind of amazed Beauty and the Beast made it to being a breakthrough! but thrilled as f* to know it is.
Anyway, thus, alongside the amazing will, a sadness comes towards, when his family gets murdered by a totally unknown killer. His focus now is all on finding the killer, after he is found innocent despite not having enough proof that he would have murdered his entire family. He then somehow starts to control the story and the writer wants to kill him [mr. Oh], but somehow, the lovely miss Yeon Joo saves him 3 times and even more, if you think about the fact that she turns him from having his whole life focused on revenge, towards having his whole life focused on love.
She is here and there, here and there, being hung between the TWO WORLDS every time something ravishing happens. Either a kiss, either a sentence, a feeling or a glimpse, that may totally get you hung, too.
But, about the plot, the talk stops here, I will let you *-* hoping that i managed to captivate you enough to give it a shot *-* therefore, i will let it up to you to discover. 🙂

Imagini pentru w two worlds

Going back to basic data, the korean drama is one of the newest, having aired somewhere around 2016’s July. 

Well, if the plot isn’t enough for you, what about the whole idea?! I bet you have never heard of anything like that. I mean, we all have our own imaginary worlds in our mind, where we turn too, sometimes, to disconnect, but from this to turning into a webtoon character youself, d*mn, it’s a big deal! 

Imagini pentru w two worlds

hOPe yOu eNJOYEd this and hOPe yOu wILl gIVe IT a chance!

Imagine similară

“If I could to pick the happiest moment of my 30 years of life, ridiculously, I would pick the time I was lying in the solitary prison cell. Although I’m sorry to my mother, at that time, I didn’t even remember she was waiting for me. It felt like it didn’t matter if I’d never be able to work at the hospital anymore. Suddenly my life felt surreal. Here, this moment, the life here, I began to even mistake it for reality” -Oh Yeon Joo-

take care, xx Zoe xD

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